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Pinky Street Catalog

Pinky:St, also written Pinky Street, are plastic (PET) figures designed by BabySue and manufactured by the Japanese company Vance Project. The figures are about 10cm (4in) tall and compatible with 1:18 scale dollhouses, furniture, vehicles and other accessories.

The distinguishing feature of the Pinky:St figures is the interchangeable parts. The heads, hair styles, clothing and accessories can be easily switched between figures according to taste. Many special edition Pinky:st figures have been produced based on characters from Japanese anime, manga and video games.


Pinky:St (PK013-680)

Pinky:St (PK013A-680)

Pinky:St (PK016-740)

Pinky:St (PK017-740)

Pinky:St (PK018-740)

Pinky:St Melanchony of Haruhi Suzumiya

Pinky:St - Asahina Mikuru

Pinky:St - Nagato Yuki

Pinky:St - Suzumiya Haruhi

Pinky:St - Tsuruya-San

Pinky:St Neon Genesis Evangelion

Pinky:St - Sohryu Asuka Langley : Second Child