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Original Blythe outfits from milkwayblythe, most of these outfits are made from fabric, so the color of the fabric may fade if put under the sun for a long time, or washed by some strong household detergent. Please take note that some dark color clothing stain on the doll especially the legs/feet. We strongly recommend your doll to wear a pair of white stocking before wearing any clothing and avoid wearing dark color clothing for a long time (max 3 days), it is always a good idea to check arms and legs periodically for staining. It is best you hand wash the outfits to avoid missing the smaller items, e.g buttons.


After School

Baby Girl

Black Bunny

Checker Fever

Colourful of Summer

Colourful Spring

Fantasy Bloom

Forest Love

Happy Moment

Ice Garden

Lolita Princess

Miss Spring

Noble Girl

Princess in Rose Garden

Summer Love

Summer Loves

The Little Kitten

White Bunny

Disclaimer: All images are with permission from www.milkwayblythe.com and belong to their respective rights.