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Sylvanian Families Catalog

Sylvanian Families created by Japanese company Epoch in 1985. The characters, grouped into families, feature woodland creatures such as beavers, hedgehogs, mice and bears. The word 'sylvan' means 'of the forest'. Sylvanian Families include all the families of animals living in the Sylvanian forest. They are leading comfortable and happy lives in Sylvanian viallge surrounded by great Nature. For children ages 4 and up.


Baby Bathtime

Baby Cot

Baby High Chair

Baby Pram

Baby Toys Set

Blue Ornate Crib

Children's Playtable

White Baby Buggy

White Baby Double Swing


Cotton Rabbit Family

New Bear Family

Sheep Family

Walnut Squirrel Family

Fashion & Beauty

Beautician's Outfit Set

Madeleine's Boutique


Dinner Set

Kabaya Sylvanian Families Bakery Set

Lunch Set

Furniture - Bathroom

Cloakroom Set

Furniture - Bedroom

Single Bed

Sleepy Bed

Furniture - Complete Set

Baby Room Set

Garden Set

Guest Bedroom

Kitchen Set

Nightlight Nursery

Sister's Bedroom Set with Piano

Victorian Living Room

Furniture - Kitchen

Family Dining Table with Baby Chair

Fridge & Accessories

Kitchen Trolley Set

Welsh Dresser

Furniture - Living Room

3-piece Suite

Chatting Sette

Father Christmas & Tree Set

Gingham Sofa & Plant

Home Party Set

Luxury Light-up TV

Red Country Armchairs & Table

Red Country Settee

Vacuum Cleaning Set

Garden & Outdoor

Adult Bicycle Set

Kids Bicycle Set

Ornate Garden Table & Chairs

Riverside BBQ Set

Vegetable Patch


Rose Cottage - Starter Home Set

Hospital & Medical

Doctor & Bicycle

General Hospital

Nurse & Wheelchair

Nursery School

Nursery Sandpit & Pool

Nursery Toilets

Rainbow Nursery Playground Swing Set

Old Oak Hollow Treehouse

Patio Furniture Set

Shops & Restaurants

Cake Set

Hamburger Wagon

Ice-Cream Cart

Pizza Set

Stew Set

Street Market

Toy Shop

Village Flower Stall

Village Sweet Shop

Village Show - Takes place in the grounds of the Grand Hotel

Village Show 'Hook a Duck' Stall

All images are from www.sylvanian-families.jp/ / www.sylvanianfamilies.com and belong to their respective rights.