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Petit Mode Collection
Puchi Magnet
Puchi Petit Animal
Puchi Petit Furniture
Puchi Petite
Puchi Petite (US)
Re-ment Disney
Re-ment San-x
Re-ment Sanrio
Re-ment x Discontinued
Points Redemption
Re-ment Catalog

Re-ment is a Japanese miniature replica company, these impeccably detailed, super cute hand-painted & realistic miniatures scaled at 1:6 are replicas from cakes, cookware, blenders to dresses and bags. These miniatures are the perfect size for Barbie, Momoko, Susie, Pullip or Blythe. With these props & attires, you can create endless dioramas scene with your dolls. Except for the clothings, these minis are made from high quality plastic. Each set of 10 or 8 comes in blind boxes, which means you do not know what you got until you open the box! If you buy a complete set and find an item not pictured on the outside of the box, congrats! You've got one of the hard to find "secret" or "special" sets in that series. These sets can be quite expensive in the Re-ment market!

At cuteminis.com you can opt to buy the whole set in mint sealed box or buy whichever individual boxes you like, no surprises - no disappointments! These toys aren't child's play due to the small parts. For more info about Re-ment, please go to www.re-ment.co.jp or www.re-ment.us

Petit Mode Collection

Casual Mix

Petit Mode Collection - 30 Days In Style

Petit Mode Collection - Girly Style

Petit Mode Collection - Shoes & Bags

Petit Mode Collection - Shoes & Bags V1

Puchi Magnet

Puchi Burger Shop Magnet

Puchi Chocolate Paradise Magnet

Puchi Panda Pharmacy Magnet

Puchi Sweets Sweets Magnet

Puchi Petit Animal

Am I a Dog?

Gyu Gyu Pets

My Cats

Oideyo! Panda Kumi

Puppy Collection

Sweet Animal Story

Puchi Petit Furniture

24 Hour Convenient Store Display Rack

Cafe Table - Stylish

Cafe Table - Wood

Clothes Rack

Convenient Store Shelf

Dining Table

Kitchen Wood Cabinet

Kitchen Wood Drawer


Orange Drawer with Light

Petit Showcase 2

Rilakkuma Cafe Table

Storage Beauty

System Kitchen

White Drawer with Light

Puchi Petite

24 Hour Grocery

American Kitchen


Big Food Mascot

Candy House

Candy Shop

Chocolate Shop

Cooking with Mom

Cooking with Teddy

Daily Living Goods

Dance Food Sample

Donuts To Go

Doraemon Favourite Food

Drug Store

Ekinaka Sweets

Electrical Household 2

Elegant Sweets

European Grandma`s Delicious Dishes

Fairy Tale Tableware

Farmer's Market

Finest Sushi

French Treats

Fruit Wave


Green Bean, Egg & Strawberry

Have A Bite


HInamatsuri (2)

Homemade Meals

Hot Spring Inn Meals

I Love Hawaii

I Love Kyoto

I Love Strawberries Charms

International Supermarket

Is Dinner Ready?!

Kawaii Kitchen

Kyudo Meguri

Lovely Chocolate

Luxury French

Merry Strawberry

Minna de Gohan

Mushroom Paradise

My Style Collection

Okaeri Gohanga Dekitayo



Princess Tea Party

Pub Meals

Puchi Convenient Store

Rainbow Deli

Special Cakes

Special Hotel Buffet

Supermarket 3

Supermarket in My Town

Sushi Bar

Sushi Charms

Sweets of Heart

Toy Story Happy Birthday Party!

Tsukiji Market Sushi Meguri

Uttori Sweets

Yummy Meals

Puchi Petite (US)


Mini Sweets

Re-ment Disney

Alice In Wonderland Charms

Alice In Wonderland Pastry Shop

Disney Character Dream & Magical Restaurant

Disney Character Jara Jara Mascot

Disney Characters Deco Cake

Disney Showcase

Disney Vintage Tableware Collection

Go! Go! Market

Hunny Candy Shop

Lilo & Stitch

Mickey & Minnie Show Case

Mickey 50's Cafe

Mickey and Minnie Sweet Bakery

Mickey Bagel Shop

Mickey Mouse Happy Friend

Mickey Retro Kitchen

Minnie & Daisy Pretty Cafe

Minnie Cafe

Minnie Mouse Happy Friend

Minnie Mouse Sweet Shop

Monsters University Campus Life

Re-ment Disney Minnie Cookie

Stitch Hachamecha Cooking

Welcome My Room

Winnie the Pooh Sweet Cafe

Re-ment San-x

Aloha Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma Birthday Cake

Rilakkuma Cake Shop

Rilakkuma Chocolate Cafe

Rilakkuma Display Showcase

Rilakkuma Egg Kitchen

Rilakkuma Honwaka Bakery

RIlakkuma Relaxed Cooking

Rilakkuma Strawberry Party


Rirakkuma Hokkori Rice

Re-ment Sanrio

Hello Kitty Bakery

Hello Kitty Burger Shop

Hello Kitty Eating at Home

Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Hinamatsuri

Hello Kitty Japanese Sweet Shop

Hello Kitty Kyoto Trip

Hello Kitty Loves Cooking

Hello Kitty Magnet

Hello Kitty Retro Diner

Hello Kitty Showcase

Hello Kitty Stationary

Hello Kitty Supermarket

Hello Kitty Sushi Bar

Little Twin Star Charms

Little Twin Star Welcome to Starry Party

My Melody Cafe

Sanrio Cookie Mascot

Re-ment x Discontinued

Elementary School

Mom's Happy Kitchen

Petit Animal Kattemitaina! Kawaii Anoko

Petit Showcase

Puchi Brown Refrigerator

Puchi Housing


Sweet Recipe

Disclaimer: All images are from www.re-ment.us / www.re-ment.co.jp and belong to their respective rights.