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Mega House Catalog

Megahouse minis are replicas from sandwiches, pots & pans to cakes. Scaled at 1:6, these miniatures are the perfect size for Barbie, Momoko, Susie, Pullip or Blythe. With these props, you can create endless dioramas scene with your dolls. These minis are made from high quality plastic. Each set of 10 or 8 comes in blind boxes, which means you do not know what you got until you open the box!

These toys aren't child's play, the average collectors are 22 to 44 years old, woman around the globe are addicted to these super cute minis. At cuteminis.com you can opt to buy the whole set in mint sealed box or buy whichever individual boxes you like no surprises - no disappointments! For more info about MegaHouse miniature, please go to www.megahouse.co.jp

Mega House Food

Black Cat Italian

Gift Set

Koguma Kitchen

Megahouse Cafe de Cake

Megahouse Candy Shop Panda

Megahouse Coffee Shop Dachs

Megahouse Display Case

Megahouse Forest Teaset

MegaHouse Kitchen

Mini Collection Ohanashi Hyaka

White Bear Ice-Cream Shop

Megahouse X Discontinued

Import Delicious Foods

Japanese Rabbit Sweet Dessert

Megahouse Candy Wagon

MegaHouse Donut

MegaHouse Grocery

Megahouse Hinyari Showcase

Omiyage Monogatari

Panda Wagon + Candy Combo Pack

Disclaimer: All images are from www.megahouse.co.jp and belong to their respective rights.