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Birthday Voucher
How do i entitle for the birthday voucher?
All registered members are entitled for a birthday voucher. A Birthday voucher as shown below will be emailed to your email account within the first week of your birthday month.

How do i use the birthday voucher?
Key in the serial code shown on your birthday voucher in the voucher input box, each voucher is only valid for one time use and you have to use it during your birthday month, in short your birthday voucher will expire end of your birthday month.

I have a birthday voucher but I have nothing to buy this month, can my friend use this voucher?
No, the birthday voucher's serial code is linked to your account, your friend with another account will not be able to use it. Perhaps you can help your friend make the purchase on her behalf using your account.

How much discount will I get with my birthday voucher?
You are entitled to a 10% discount on your total shopping amount only, discount is NOT applicable on shipment charges.

Is there a minimum amount I have to spend in order for me to use my birthday voucher?
No, there is isn't. You may just buy 1 item and entitle for the discount.

You only have 1 input discount box, I have a birthday voucher and a discount voucher, how can I key in both?
You may only use 1 voucher code at one time.

My birthday is this month but I registered mid of the month, am I still entitled for the birthday voucher?
Yes, please email us at info@cuteminis.com. and we will send you a birthday voucher. We normally send out the vouchers beginning of each month so if you've missed the date, just email us.