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I have placed an order and paid for my item, however I have change my mind, can I cancel my order?
Yes, please email us at info@cuteminis.com within 24hours and indicate your order number. You can see your order number from your "order status" from top menu after you log in. Please take note that you will not get back your full amount as we will deduct 6% from your total amount for transaction fee purposes. However if we have sent the item out, you will have to refer to our FAQs related to return and refund here.

I have accidentally placed a wrong item and have paid for my item, how can I rectify my order?
Please email us within 24 hours, indicate your order number and what item you would like to remove or add. If we have sent the item out, you will have to refer to our FAQs related to return and refund here.

An item appear to be "Out of Stock" from your website, is it possible for me to place an order?
If the item appear to be "Out of Stock" in our inventory, this means we do not have any more stocks at our end, however at times our supplier still have the same stock, you may email us your enquiries and we will check with our suppliers.

What does "Wishlist" means?
This means we do not have the physical stock at hand and high chance our supplier still have stock for this item. Please email us if you're interested in the item with "Wishlist" status and we will get back to you asap.

How do I access my shopping cart?
You may access to your shopping cart from the top menu, you may add or remove your items without logging into the system. You will be prompt for log-on details when you proceed to checkout.

Will my shopping cart be emptied once I logged out from the system?
No, whatever you have placed into your shopping cart will not removed once you click on "Save this shopping cart" on the bottom left. Simply go to "Shopping Cart" and "Load my saved shopping cart" once you re-login to our system and you will get back your shopping cart.

How come an item become "Out of Stock" during checkout, it was available when I added it into my shopping cart?
Our system only capture the inventory once a shopping cart is being checked out, another member could have added the same item in his/her shopping cart and checked out before you.

I have ordered a preorder item and also some other available items, when will you ship them out?
If you have ordered a lot of the available items, we could send them to you first and resend your pre-ordered items once they are here. Handling charges and shipment will only be counted once. If you do not mind waiting, we will send the available and pre-order items together once the pre-order items arrives. Just email us if you have any further enquiries at info@cuteminis.com.