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How does the point system works?
Upon registering as member with cuteminis.com you'll automatically earn 100 minis point. You will not get any minis point if you only register as a forum member only. Points will be added when you shop at our cuteminis.com, RM 1 = 1 minis point (not inclusive of shipment charges).

Will I be able to track my points?
You'll be able to track your minis point anytime when you're logged on to our website. Click on "My Account" from the top menu and you can see your minis point on top of your name.

How do i earn more minis point?
You will get 100 minis point upon registering as a member at cuteminis.com. You will earn points when you shop at cuteminis.com, RM 1 spent is equaivalent to 1 minis point, cost of shipment is NOT convertable to minis point.

How do I convert my minis points to gifts?
Redemption gifts can be found here, the minimum gift(s) are 800 minis points. You can save your minis points to redeem a much higher value item.

What is the condition of these redemption gifts?
These items are brand new, mint in sealed plastic, however most of these items are not in its original box and some even without the leaflet/card. Most of these gifts we bought them loose from suppliers.

Do I have to pay postage for the redeemed prize?
Yes, you will have to pay for the postage, we will send this as small packets. We recommend you to redeem your prize when you made a purchase so that we can send it together with your items, you'll save more this way.

Are the minis points transferable to another account?
No, minis points are not transferable to another account.

Where can I redeem my gift(s)?
Please select your gift(s) from our redemption page from here. Once you have chosen the item that you like, please email us at info@cuteminis.com asap because most of these items are only 1 or 2 in stocks.

I have decided on my redemption gift(s) but I have nothing to buy for your website yet?
You can email us at info@cuteminis.com and let us know which gift(s) you would like us to reserve for you. Points will be deducted from your account and we will reserve your gift(s) for 2 weeks. If you still have nothing to buy from us when the time lapse, you will either have to pay for the postage of the redeemed gift(s) or forgo the gift(s), points will be refunded back to your account.

I have reserved the gift(s) and I have change my mind, can I change to another gift(s)?
Yes, you may change to another gift(s), provided we have not shipped the gift(s) out. Please make sure you have enough points if you are redeeming another higher value gift(s).