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When do i pay for my pre-order items?
You will have to pay the total sum for pre-orders items once you click add to cart and checkout

How will you guarantee that I will get my pre-order item(s) on time?
We will put the release date from Japan in our pre-order(s) items, at times there could be a slight delay because to ship the items over from manufacturer to our supplier and lastly to send over to you could take a bit of time. If the items are not here yet and it has passed the release date, we will contact you via email.

Is it possible to pay a small amount as a deposit to reserve my items?
For special case please email us at info@cuteminis.com

I have paid for my pre-orders and I have changed my mind, can I get a refund?
If we have not shipped the items out, yes a refund is possible.
Depending on what payment method you use, we are able to refund immediately if you pay us via paypal or bank in transfer. If you pay us through the payment gateway (credit card, FPX), we will need to go through our payment gateway to do refunds. Please email us info@cuteminis.com for further assistance.

Am I allowed to use my birthday voucher for pre-order items?
Yes, you may, just key-in your birthday code voucher upon checkout.

Why is the item weight so much higher than it should be in actual?
The weight listed is an estimated weight from our supplier, we do not know of the actual weight until we have the stock in hand which is usually lesser than estimation. We always refund if you've paid extra for the shipping.

When do you ship my current orders which are now in stock and my pre-order items?
For local customer, if you are entitled for the "FREE SHIPPING" we are only able to send it all together once all your pre-order items are here. If you want to split shipment, there'll be an extra charge for the additional shipping cost.

For international customer, most of the time, the shipping cost should be able to cover 2 rounds of shipping, this means we are able to send what you have ordered for now and pre-order items the next shipment. If you want to split into 3 shipments, we will have to charge you the extra shipping cost.