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1) Sent Via Registered Mail/Air Mail
2) Sent Via Air Parcel

Disclaimer: The following screens and tracking functionalities belong to Post Malaysia and are subject to change by Post Malaysia without prior notice to cuteminis. Cuteminis has prepared the following to enhance the customer service experience for its customers. 

Sent via Registered Mail / Air Mail

Step 1: Once you're at www.pos.com.my, click on "Track & Trace"

Step 2: Registered mail / Air Mail, click on PosDaftar

Step 3: Make sure radio button is checked Package from Malaysia, key in reference number given and click on "track" button

Step 4: The itinerary will be displayed as following, do note that once the registered mail is on delivery OUT of Malaysia, the Remark will show a status "Dispatch to 640005". From this point onwards, Post Office Malaysia tracking system DOES NOT have visibility of the parcel’s location since it’s beyond Malaysia location. The only way to track is you have to call the Post Office in YOUR COUNTRY to track the registered mail after a few days. As this is a registered mail, the Post Office in your country will have the visibility of the mail. This tracking is not within the boundary of cuteminis’s control but should you need any clarification, we will try our best to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@cuteminis.com

Please take note unlike shipping via Air Parcel, Registered Air Mails are not scanned at the post office when we send your package, thus you may not be able to track your package as soon as we drop them at the post office. You will see this error "Your Reference Number does not exist!". Your package should be scanned at the hub / KLIA before it leaves Malaysia, however, there are times your package may not be scanned at all at the hub. Please understand that this is beyond our control, we would advise you to check it via your country's postal tracking about a week later to track your package once it arrives your country as the package should be scanned upon arrival.

Sent via Air Parcel

Step 1: Once you're at www.pos.com.my, click on "Track & Trace"

Step 2: Click on e-Parcel

Step 3: Key in your tracking number given and click "track" button.

Step 4: Once you're at the "E-PARCEL TRACKING RESULT", click on your tracking number and the itinerary of your parcel will be displayed. If you do not click on the tracking number, you will not see your parcel's itinerary

Step 5: Itinerary will be displayed once you clicked on the tracking number. Sometimes it might take a while for the system to be updated. Tracking may also available from your country's postal online tracking system because once the parcel has reached your country, it will be scanned and the tracking number will be available in the tracking system. If you require any further assistance please drop us a mail at info@cuteminis.com